Free Range Chicken


At Guzman y Gomez it is our mission to serve you the very best food.

We constantly challenge ourselves to do better, to prove that fresh, delicious, high-quality, ethically produced food can also be fast. This is what 'fast' food should be!


Chicken is your most popular choice at GYG so we felt an important step was to partner with FREPA accredited Free Range Chicken. We are super proud to serve 100% Fresh Free Range chicken in all our taquerias throughout Australia!


To compare our chicken to regular chicken would be a crime. Our hand-rubbed, fresh-grilled pollo is marinated in a special ‘recado rojo’, with achiote paste, guajillo chilli, fresh garlic, and a touch of vinegar. Delicious. So, as they say, next you’re in the mood for Mexican, you gotta try the chicken…

Some commonly asked questions about Free Range Chicken:


Are the chickens kept in cages whilst they are inside the shed?

Absolutely not. FREPA Accredited Free Range Chickens have access to outdoor range areas adjacent to their barn or they are free to move around inside the barn.


Are the chickens given antibiotics?

Under the FREPA guidelines, antibiotics are not permitted for use.  

If chickens are treated with antibiotics for welfare reasons then they cannot be sold as free range.*


Are the chickens given growth promoting hormones?

FREPA Accredited free range chickens are not given growth promoting hormones

(this has been illegal since 1967).


Are the chickens really free range?

Once fully feathered at around 21 days, chickens have access to outdoor range areas which are equipped with shade huts, hay bales and wooden ramps.


Where are the FREPA Accredited Farms?

FREPA Accredited farms originated in the Yarra Valley in Victoria, and are now found in SA, NSW, and QLD. They are primarily located around the Barossa Valley, the Central Coast, the outskirts of the Hunter Valley, close to the Blue Mountains and in South East Queensland.




Our founder, Steven, is visiting our farms to make sure the animals have higher welfare and discussing with the farmers our collective plans to make things better. Check this website for regular updates on our journey. 


*Under FREPA guidelines, growth promoting antibiotics are not permitted for use. If chickens become ill and antibiotic treatment is required under veterinary directions, those birds will not be sold as free range. FREPA allows the use of medications to prevent coccidiosis. These medications are used under veterinary direction.  

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