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Our food, our passion, our pride

At GYG, our food is our passion and our pride and joy. When we opened our first restaurant in 2006, it was with the intention of sharing the real flavours of Mexico with the world, and we’re 100% obsessed with this mission.

The flavours of Mexico

We pour our hearts and souls into creating beautiful, balanced, crave-able food, and a lot of that comes down to the ingredients we use and how they’re prepared. Our food is simple, so we need to start with the freshest, quality ingredients to make sure you’re tasting the best burrito or taco outside of Mexico.

We pour our hearts and souls into creating beautiful, balanced, crave-able food

So much love and care goes into each of our menu items. Our Pulled Pork Chipotle is a lesson in patience: we pan sear pork shoulder and then slow cook it for hours until it’s so tender we can pull it apart by hand. Likewise with our house-blend salsas, such as our Smoky Chipotle Salsa – which features chillies grown in Mexico and California that are then smoked over pecan wood and blended with onion, brown sugar, vinegar and spice into a smoky Mexican barbecue sauce. (By the way, it’s the perfect complement to our Pulled Pork Chipotle.)

Our food has to be the best, and to be the best you can’t cut corners. That’s why when you order a Grilled Steak Chipotle taco, you are getting perfectly-butchered steak that’s hand-rubbed with Chipotle marinade, then char-grilled and beautifully diced. It’s also why we make guacamole fresh in house in every GYG twice a day, using only the most succulent and ripe Hass avocados. You’ll never find a corn chip too thin to handle your dip at GYG, because we have worked through our tortilla recipe tirelessly and even cut them specially with a water knife to ensure they puff up perfectly in the fryer.

When you walk into a GYG restaurant, you can expect the best street style Mexican you’ve ever tasted this side of the equator. Our success comes from your enjoyment of our food, which is why we have an uncompromising attitude to everything we do.

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