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Supporting Mexican artists

As with our food, we’re passionate about the experience that you have in our restaurants -- we want to create the perfect atmosphere. Being crazy about all things Latin, we made the decision a few years ago to commission up and coming Mexican artists to create murals for our restaurants.

It all began with the artist known as Neuzz, who we flew to Australia to paint our first commissioned mural in our World Square restaurant. With this came an unmistakable Latin vibe, and since then we have grown our collection to 30 pieces of Mexican street art and counting. 

GYG World Square Mural

Each new piece that you see hanging in our stores is individually commissioned by GYG, painted in the artists’ studios in Mexico, and then chosen specifically for that restaurant, to match its energy and that of the people who frequent it.

Next time you’re in your local GYG, keep an eye out for our artwork - our goal is to create the largest urban Mexican art collection outside of Mexico! 


A few of the artists


Edgar Flores "Saner" is a graphic designer, illustrator and urban artist living and working in Mexico City.


Smithe is renowned for his graffiti but has also been involved in other areas such as illustration, design, sculpture and music.


Fabian Calderon "Sanez" is a Mexican urban artist working in Oaxaca, Mexico.

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