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We’ve had more than a few fights over avocados at Guzman y Gomez, because we do care – a LOT. We are obsessed with getting every ingredient on our menu just right to make sure we serve you the best Mexican food on the planet. We don’t take short cuts in our restaurants – we use fresh ingredients and authentic techniques.

In early 2020 we’ll open our Naperville, Chicago restaurant with drive through, breakfast, lunch and dinner options featuring real Mexican flavour in every bite. Our burritos and burrito bowls have the choicest cuts of beef, pork and chicken with black beans, rice and fresh vegetables such as chillies, tomatoes, capsicums, onions and avocados. Or try the to-die-for nachos with GYG’s signature crispy corn chips and house-made Guac.

At Guzman y Gomez we truly believe that fast food can be good food. We pour passion into every ingredient we choose, where it comes from and how it’s prepared. That means there are no preservatives, no added colours or artificial flavours, and no harmful additives in our food. Whether you drive through or order in our restaurant, you’ll get real food, made really fast.

It’s not just about the food though, it’s about our passion for Latin culture and delivering amazing experiences to every one of our guests. Expect Mexican art, smiles, good times, music and a lot of dancing at GYG.

Come join the fiesta in early 2020, we can’t wait to see you!