4 reasons why GYG is HAPPINESS!

Looking for true happiness???

March 19, 2019
By GYG Team

At GYG we’re not just about food, we’re also ALL ABOUT Happiness!

But what is happiness? THAT IS THE QUESTION… well, we’ve done some extensive research and we’ve googled it’s meaning… According to Merriam-Webster dictionary Happiness is “a pleasurable or satisfying experience” or “a state of well-being and contentment”.

We could all agree that based on this definition, HAPPINESS = GYG!!! isn’t?

I mean seriously, who doesn’t get pleasure or has a satisfying experience everytime they eat a GYG Burrito? or who doesn’t feel amazing or content whenever they eat delicious GYG Fries with Chipotle Mayo? c’mon…

Well if there’s any doubt about this, here are 6 reasons why GYG is HAPPINESS:

1- LOGO: Both Guzman y Gomez are smiling in our logo. Gomez a bit more than Guzman, but that’s just not really his best angle…

2- LAS PERSONAS – OUR CREW: This one is soooo obvious… as soon as you step into a GYG you’re greeted with a loud HOLA and a contagious huge smile! It’s easy to feel the energy, passion, and joy from our crew!

3- DID WE MENTION BURRITOS? – THE FOOD: We’ve said it many times before, BURRITOS ARE LIFE!!!  Head down to your closest GYG, order your favourite on the menu, and you’ll immediately feel a sense of joy in your palate.

6- YOU! – OUR CUSTOMERS: Last but not least is you guys! Your happiness is contagious whenever we see you at GYG…. To say you guys love us would be an understatement. You don’t just crave our food, you crave the GYG energy and happy vibes!

Is it lunchtime yet?