Not only do we believe fast food can be good food, but we also believe it’s best when everyone gets to enjoy it! That’s why our menu items are proudly customizable to suit your dietary needs.

At GYG, we never compromise on quality and use only the best ingredients


Our menu and processes are evolving, and our restaurants are busier than ever. Whilst we take care to minimize contact between ingredients in our kitchens, our cooking and serving areas are open and we are quick-paced for fast service.

We have introduced dividers between ingredients such as cheese, meat, and non-meat ingredients, including eggs, to minimize transfer to neighboring ingredients; however, this does not eliminate all risk.

We handle flour tortillas, corn chips, and cheese with gloved hands, meaning there can be transfer of these ingredients to meals being prepared. Whilst we use separate utensils for all other ingredients, sometimes they come into contact with the meal being prepared. The nature of our ingredients such as beans, meat, and shredded cheese, means there is a risk of drips or shreds directly onto food preparation surfaces or meals being prepared.

Therefore, our menu items may contain gluten, wheat, milk, egg and Tree Nut (Almond). Removing an ingredient may not eliminate its presence. Any ingredient in our kitchen may be present in menu items

Where beverages are available, beverages served with any milk may contain milk, soy, almond, and gluten.

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