Food Stories – Avocados (it’s what’s on the inside that counts)

Who doesn't love avocados?!?!

May 9, 2019
By GYG Team

Who doesn’t love avocado? I bet you hear that word and you’re screaming passionately like this lady!

Well, that’s definitely how we feel at GYG! We are extremely passionate about food and specially about the ingredients we use.

Guacamole is a huge source of pride for us as it deliciously complements everything on our menu, and to be honest, we sell the most delicious Guacamole ever!

Making delicious and fresh guacamole by hand every day requires us to choose the best produce and treat it with care. We focus on the quality of our avocados rather than on how they look on the outside! For us, it’s what’s on the inside that counts!

We then take perfectly ripened avocados and add Roma tomatoes, Spanish onions and coriander. Our Guac is always hand-mashed, and always seasoned to perfection with salt and lemon juice.

Very, very, very bueno!