The perfect day starts with GYG Breakfast!!!

GYG Brekkie is the perfect start to your day!

August 19, 2020
By GYG Team

The day doesn’t start until you’ve had some breakfast and we’d be crazy to not be nominating GYG as the perfect location to get your morning fill!

But wait, you look confused, you thought GYG just does lunch and dinner right? WRONG! GYG has the best breakfast this side of the Main Street Promenade!!!

To start off with we have our breakfast burritos made with fluffy scrambled eggs, a hash brown, jack cheese and some Pico de Gallo. I mean, a bacon and egg burrito with a hash brown inside?! Or how about a veggie breakfast Burrito? Or perhaps you’d rather try the chorizo one?!

But wait… there’s moreeeee!!! We also have cage free scrambled egg bowls, crunchy sourdough with your choice of guac or avocado and cheesy quesadillas with pico! Check it all our on our menu here:

So don’t miss a beat and if you are short of time, hit the drive thru, order your breakfast, grab a coffee and start your day the GYG way!