Introducing the NEW Big Breakfast Burrito 🌯

Real Food, at an Unbeatable Price - grab yours today!

February 6, 2024
By GYG Team

Introducing the NEW Big Breakfast Burrito 🌯 Your breakfast just got even BIGGER 😏

Whether you’re about to smash a PB in the gym, or you’re on your way to work, fuelling up with a big breakfast is key for a big day!

Here at GYG, we understand the importance of this… we get it! That’s why we’ve taken our famous Breakfast Burrito and UPSIZED it to give you that extra fuel you need to win the morning AND win the day!


That’s right… we’ve DOUBLED the hash browns and added loads more cage-free scrambled eggs! Oh and did we mention that you even get EXTRA FILLING of your choice – all for just $8.99!!!

We’re talking real food and big flavors to start the day, and it’s all made fresh too – now that’s a good morning!

Don’t forget to add on your favorite coffee, or even go the whole mile and ‘Make it a Meal’ with a coffee and Hash Brown! It’s a sure way to get the energy you need to kick some goals 🏆

So say hello to good mornings with GYG, and order your Big Breakfast Burrito on the NEW GYG App today! 💛

Order your BIG Breakfast Burrito on the GYG App today!

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