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Traditional Mexican style food that combines choice cuts of beef, pork and chicken, beans, rice and fresh vegetables such as chillies, tomatoes, capsicums, onions and avocados.
Butterflied chicken Maryland fillets are marinated overnight and grilled to perfection. Our beef and pork are slow cooked until pull-apart tender.
Our menu items are customisable to suit your dietary needs. There are options that are a great source of protein, low fat, low sugar, or lactose free.


We separate gluten from non-gluten ingredients, however our kitchens are open plan and our service is fast paced, so we cannot guarantee that there will be no cross contact between ingredients. We therefore do not display GF symbols on our menus.

Our ingredients that contain gluten are: flour tortillas, churros, Heinz ketchup and sourdough. Hash browns may contain a trace from manufacturing facility.

Some of these may cross paths with non-gluten ingredients;
• Flour tortillas are heated in the tortilla press
• Flour tortillas are stored above hot rice and beans
• Gloved hands that are used to handle flour tortillas may also handle cheese and/ or corn chips

Measures we have in place to prevent cross contact are:
• Dedicated fry vats for churros that contain gluten
• Maintain our tortilla press surface to prevent sticking of tortillas

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