Introducing the Tres Taco Meal Deal!

November 1, 2022
By GYG Team

If there is one thing we think we have absolutely perfected at Guzman y Gomez it is the humble taco. One of the greatest items of the Mexican cuisine which has been transformed, re-created and perfected the world over, tacos are the most amazing way to explore Mexican food to find your perfect flavour. From the humble corn or flour tortilla you can fill your tacos with just about anything you like, from meats to vegetables, salsas and cheeses, you’ve got plenty of places to start or explore.

At Guzman y Gomez we’ve worked hard on creating some Tacos that truly take your taste buds to the next level. To start with you’ve got the choice of Hard Corn Tortillas or Soft Flour Tortillas and if you can’t decide you can have a mix of both! Then you’ve got to pick from our amazing fillings, Chicken, Pork, Pulled Beef, Ground Beef and even Sautéed Vegetables are on offer! Topped off with fresh Pico de Gallo, cheese and salsa, we are sure you’re going to find a combo that you’ll love!

To make it even easier to get your Tacos ordered we’ve got a brand new meal deal that’s perfect for new GYG fans or our day one fans. The Dos and Tres Taco Deal is here, with your choice of either two (Dos) or three (Tres) Tacos with your choice of GYG fries or tortilla chips and finished off with a regular soda! Our Dos Tacos Meal deal is only $8 and our three tacos in the Tres Taco Deal is only $10!

This amazing deal is only available at GYG Naperville for dine in, take away or via the Drive Thru for a limited time only!

Dos Tacos Meal Deal

2 x Tacos, 1 Regular Soda & Fries or Tortilla Chips | $8

Tres Tacos Meal Deal

3 x Tacos, 1 Regular Soda & Fries or Tortilla Chips | $10