The GYG App has officially launched - check it out now!

March 11, 2021
By GYG Team

It’s been just over a year since we opened our doors in Naperville and we have loved every minute of it! From our first opening party, to the countless guests we have had through our drive-thru, it’s been quite a ride in just over a year! So we thought it was about time we got everyone up to speed and launched the ever-successful GYG app in the US for all of our Naperville faithful.

It’s now even easier to get your GYG fix with contact-free ordering and pick-up from the drive-thru and in-store. The app pretty much does it all, with our full menu available to order and customise exactly the same way you would in person, except for every dollar you spend you receive a point which can all be redeemed for GYG $’s going towards your next purchase, thanks to our amazing GOMEX loyalty program!

Earn points for every purchase on the app or scan your barcode when in store or via the drive-thru to earn.

$1 spent = 1 GOMEX point

50 GOMEX points = $5 credit

Now if that hasn’t got you downloading as fast as you can, then we’ve got a deal for you! For all of those who are first-timers to the GYG app, you can redeem a FREE BURRITO when you sign up and place your order! You’ll see it in your rewards section and you can redeem it as credit on your account so all you have to do is pick a burrito and your favourite filling and it will be FREE!

So now is the time to join the party and download the GYG app for your mobile device, get ordering and start collecting up those GOMEX points with every order! We are still open and rolling as usual, with orders for takeaway and pick-up in the drive-thru!

It’s time to join the party and download the GYG app here: